The Board of Directors at North Texas Veterans Relief Fund are Veterans, spouses of Veterans, and children of Veterans from all sectors of the community.

Steve Halloway

Board Chair

Steve is currently serving as Board Chair for the North Texas Veterans Relief Fund (Base Camp Lindsey) Board of Directors and he is also a voting member of the Workforce Solutions Board.  His life’s passion has been to help others and the opportunity to serve on these boards dovetails perfectly into his endeavor to continue in that vein.

Steve has 16 years’ experience in small town government and all its trappings, serving as councilmember and as Mayor of Lakeside City.  Additionally, he is part of the NORTEX Regional Planning Commission’s Economic Development Committee representing Archer County and has done so for the past 10 years.

His 22-year Air Force civil service career included classroom instruction, course materials developer duties, training development section supervision, training squadron course management, and culminated with group-level training squadron course oversight and evaluation. He served 20 years’ in the Air Force in the Aircraft Maintenance field and finished his career in a Headquarters Air Force, Air Staff program management capacity.

Steve believes in the Base Camp Lindsey mission and vision statements and that all Veterans who desire an independent and sustainable lifestyle should have an opportunity to realize them.

Chris De La Garza

Vice Chair

Chris De La Garza serves as a Board member for North Texas Veteran’s Relief Fund, Inc.

She was born in Henrietta, but was raised as a Navy Brat living on several of the largest Naval bases in the Country.  She has a Bachelor of Associated Arts and Sciences degree focusing on Psychology and Social Work and has over 20 years experience in case management programs and working in Non profits.

Chris is committed to Veterans and Base Camp Lindsey for a multitude of reasons.  Growing up in a military family, she saw first hand the sacrifices of those who sign up to serve.  Her grandfather served in World War II, her stepfather served in and retired from the Navy, and her dad served in the Army with two tours of Viet Nam and she saw him struggle once he returned home.  He had frequent periods of homelessness as he struggled with maintaining employment, fitting back into society, and struggling with mental health.  He passed away 3 weeks before his appointment with the VA.

Chris fully believes that we owe a debt of gratitude to the men and women who have served our country.  They were willing to put their lives on the line to protect ours and our families’ lives and our way of life.  No Veteran should be living on the street or doing without the vital services necessary to care for themselves.

Julie Padilla-Farr


Julie is currently working at PosTel Family Credit Union as a Mortgage Loan Officer. She has been a Member of the credit union for nearly 25 years. She says, “Sometimes when you find out what you really enjoy in life it can be through the work that you currently do.”

Julie enjoys working with people and helping them to achieve their dream of ownership. The smile on their face(s) and knowing that she was a part of that is truly rewarding.

Serving on the Board of Directors and as Secretary for the North Texas Veterans Relief Fund will be another challenge that she is looking forward to. Julie also served as Secretary for the Wichita Falls Chapter of Credit Unions for six years. As a military dependent, this has helped her to appreciate the struggles that service men and women can go through; her father was a Veteran. She knows that all Veterans deserve to live a life that is worthwhile, productive, and safe. It is our duty to see that Base Camp Lindsey endures.

Donna Stanton Jones


Donna Jones has lived in Wichita Falls since 1978.

She attended Wichita Falls High School and Midwestern State University. She has worked in the medical field starting in 1987. Her background includes working as a Social Activity Director for Canterbury Villa. From there she was employed in the business office at a medical clinic.

She also managed and marketed for a local Durable medical company. Thereafter, Donna obtained her insurance license and she has worked for large physicians groups in the insurance and billing departments. Donna has also managed a rural clinic and is currently an Account Executive at a local home health company. She enjoys serving her community and looks forward to seeing Base Camp Lindsey become a reality.

Rick Hoban

Rick was born & raised in New York City.

He is a US. Army Veteran – and served in Vietnam. He has a Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge and Vietnam Campaign Medal with 4 combat stars and a Valorous Unit Citation for the actions during the Tet Offensive.

Rick came to Texas in 1969 to go to school at MSU and just stayed. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Political Science with the major field of study in Public Administration and the minor in Foreign Relations. He has 45 years of service in the field of mental health, 35 of which are with the State of Texas.

He began his career in mental health at the Wichita Falls State hospital in 1971 as a Ward Attendant working the night shift. He worked in the private health care sector 11 years where he served as the Associate Administrator of Wilmont Psychiatric Hospital in Tucson, Arizona and then as the Administrator of Red River Hospital in Wichita Falls. He returned to the Wichita Falls State hospital in 1982 serving as Coordinator of Staff Development.

He was then promoted to Director of Risk Management. From there he was promoted to Director of Human Resources. After the merger of Wichita Falls State Hospital and Vernon State Hospital into North Texas State Hospital he was promoted to Assistant Superintendent in 2002.

Rick has been a Tee-ball & soccer coach. He served on the Board of the Mental Health Association.  Rick is the recipient of two distinguished service awards from The Mental Health Association and named Administrator of the Year from the Association of Nutritionists and Food Service Professionals. He also was an Adjunct Instructor at Midwestern State University for 10 years. He is the founder of the North Texas Chapter of the Texas Association of Viet Nam Veterans, and organizer of the Desert Storm parade and several Veteran’s Day parades.

Rick enjoys ballroom dancing, scuba diving, surfing and was into skydiving. Rick is married to his wife Dena. They have two sons, Ryan and Ricky and five grandchildren.

Tara Bryant

Tara was born and raised in Wichita Falls. She is currently the Employment Opportunity Manager for Visiting Angels which has given her the opportunity to meet people from different walks of life.

Her Grandfather, MSgt. Scott Ramsey worked at the Veterans Commission Office for many years and helping others was so very important to him that when she found out about Base Camp Lindsey, it seemed like the perfect fit for her. Tara says; “I can’t wait to continue my Grandfathers legacy of supporting and helping Veterans.”

Tara is also involved in the fundraising and events committees for NTVRF as marketing and volunteer coordinator.

Elliot Bonner

Elliot is an Army combat Veteran with a Masters Degree in Psychology and currently serves as Director of Veteran services at Helen Farabee Centers.

Elliot is also a Military Veteran Peer Network Coordinator, is a member of the Catholic Charities Veterans Coalition and is a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness and is an instructor for the NAMI Homefront program.

Steven Young

Young is an Air Force Veteran and has lived in Wichita Falls for seventeen years.

He is currently employed with Helen Farabee Centers. Steven has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and is currently working on his Masters Degree in Human Services.

Marissa McCoy

Marissa McCoy grew up in many different states as both her parents served in the military.

Marissa joined the Air Force at age 17 and later became a commissioned Officer in the Army. She holds two Master’s Degrees and is currently pursuing the Texas A&M NPO Management program.

In 2019, Marissa decided to make North Texas her home. As soon as she learned about Base Camp Lindsey, she could not wait to get involved. Marissa lost her fiancé when he was killed while serving in Fallujah.

Serving the Homeless Veteran community is important for her to live each day honoring the memory of our fallen by helping our Veteran heroes in need.

William Gruenes

William has a passion for training, mentoring, and helping people which led him to become part of the North Texas Veterans Relief Fund team.  He is dedicated to providing aid and restoring the independence of veterans who require assistance.

William is active duty military serving in the United States Air Force.  He and his wife Michelle have 3 wonderful children and are stationed at Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas.  William has served 22 years in many different leadership positions in both the aircraft maintenance and military training fields.  He has been involved with military training development, instructor training restructure, facility upgrade projects, and deployment site surveys.  William has deployed 8 times to various areas in support of Operations Northern Watch, Enduring Freedom, and Freedom’s Sentinel.  He has family who serve or have served in every branch of the Armed Forces worldwide.

William believes in the Base Camp Lindsey mission and in the importance of providing an independent and sustainable lifestyle to all veterans in need.