Do you have a Veteran you would like to Honor?

You can have a lasting impact on that memory and Base Camp Lindsey with your purchase of a tile or brick for our two Veteran’s Memorials.

At the tiny homes community on Windthorst Road, we will have a circular Veteran’s memorial plaza that has five walls (one for each military service branch) surrounded by a ground-level brick plaza. Tiles with names of Veterans will be placed on the wall of their service and the commemorative bricks make up the plaza with our site flagpole in the center.  On the covered porch support columns at the entrance of the 1908 6th Street facility, we will wrap the columns with commemorative bricks.  The memorial plaza and columns will reflect our community’s respect and honor while also serving as a tangible reminder to our Veterans in residence that they are not in this fight alone. Both locations become a place of calm, of healing, and reassurance that they can win this battle too.

At our Phase One Facility at 1908 6th Street the support columns are limited 75 bricks total and are first come first serve, so if you want a brick for this part of the project you’ll need to order early.