North Texas Veterans Relief Fund, Base Camp Lindsey, Wichita Falls, Texas

North Texas Veterans Relief Fund (NTVRF) is a local community based 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to treat each Veteran with compassion and respect, in gratitude for their service to our Nation. Our Vision is the elimination of Veteran Homelessness from the North Texas communities that we serve.


  • 40,000 Veterans on the streets of America every night
  • 4000 here in Texas, 70 right here in our community every night
  • 9% of all homeless Veterans are women, half of whom are responsible for the care of minor children.  This is the fastest growing population of homeless Veterans.


  • 20% suffer PTSD, 20% of those returning from the Middle East have some degree of traumatic brain injury
  • 50% of homeless Veterans have physical or mental disabilities that create challenges to their ability to live independently.
  • Every day we’re not providing our services and programs, OUR Veterans continue to exist in a place and in a way of life not befitting their service and commitment to this nation’s freedom.
  • At one time, homeless Veterans were productive and independent citizens just like you and I. Serving their country should not equate to barely existing in homelessness.

No Veteran should have to sleep on the streets of the very country they swore to protect and defend!


North Texas Veterans Relief Fund serves Archer, Baylor, Clay, Cottle, Foard, Hardeman, Jack, Montague Wichita, Wilbarger,  and Young Counties in Texas.

Base Camp Lindsey

Base Camp Lindsey is a community currently located at 1908 6th Street in Wichita Falls. Base Camp Lindsey is free to homeless or at risk veterans.


NTVRF needs volunteers for all types of activities. Volunteers are needed for events, construction, special events and service projects.


View our growing list of individuals, organizations & businesses that contribute both time & money to help in the completion of Base Camp Lindsey.


NTVRF holds several events each year & are designed to raise awareness of veteran homelessness & to sustain funding for Base Camp Lindsey.

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