Base Camp Lindsey

There are many Veteran service organizations in our community doing great work and these programs and activities have helped numerous local Veterans.  However, many Veterans are still in need of assistance and every day there is someone whose need falls through the cracks of the available programs.


  • 40,000 Veterans on the streets of America every night
  • 4000 here in Texas, 70 right here in our community every night
  • 9% of all homeless Veterans are women, half of whom are responsible for the care of minor children.  This is the fastest growing population of homeless Veterans.


  • 50% of all homeless Veterans have either mental or physical disabilities.
  • Homeless Veterans are unable to find or keep employment due to a variety of factors.
  • They lack a strong support system and are unable to secure affordable housing.
  • No Veteran should have to sleep on the streets of the very country they swore to protect and defend!
Base Camp Lindsey, North Texas Veterans Relief Fund

Base Camp Lindsey is designed to help Veterans regain their life.

Phase One


  • Located at 1908 6thStreet, Wichita Falls, Texas
  • Twenty-five quarters available
  • Free to homeless or at-risk veterans
  • Access to benefits assistance and medical, mental, and dental care
  • Assistance entering substance abuse treatment
  • Job search assistance
  • Access to job skills training
  • Case management services
  • Site manager on duty 24/7
  • Several quarters are ADA accessible
  • Pet Friendly
  • Offices for Veteran service agencies use
  • Chapel area
  • Classroom/computer lab
  • Initial NTVRF main office

Phase Two


  • 3.5 acre property at 1909 Old Windthorst Road
  • 44 Standard units are 240 square feet
  • 4 foot by 12 foot covered porch
  • Pet friendly
  • Six slightly larger homes available for veterans with families
  • Same assistance features as Phase One Facility
  • Community Center space for NTVRF main office, Veteran services, a medical area, computer lab, and chapel area
  • Food pantry building for social functions, meal service, and tornado shelter
  • No time limit on programs, Veteran stays until they regain independence

Phase Three


  • Re-designate 1908 6th Street facility for a different mission
  • Boarding house style facility where each Veteran will have their independence but will have someone watching out for them as well
  • All facets of care for Veterans who are unable to return to work or live independently due to mental health or physical disabilities.
  • Culminates our “cradle to grave” scope of service

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